A Little More Pie?

I need to apologize.

“Frank” the honest editor contacted me again, asking me to clarify in my blog on his services.

Frank explained that he isn’t in fact offering to “review” my book, but as he clarified, the $2500 would be “for concrete recommendations, for solving the problems and creating a new outline, for new character development, new story material, and a credible denouement now missing.”

That’s big stuff!

The one hour Skype call wouldn’t be him patting me on the back for a good use of metaphor, but instead would be an intense one on one, with focus, ideas and direction. And in all honesty, if I had a crystal ball that told me I could recoup those costs in my future writing career I would jump on an opportunity to work with him, because I know this guy is good and that  I’d learn a hell of a lot from him.

In the subsequent email he told me:

“The kind of work I’ve done in these consultation for the past 52 years has produced best-selling books for that list of authors on my web-site, including literary and commercial successes by Robert Ludlum, Clive Cussler, Toni Morrison, Tom Robbins, Hunter Thompson, Jerzy Kosinski and others.

Seriously, he is the sort of person we all need on our team.

 But alas, I am on a shoestring budget, trying to get the most out of every dollar I put into this business. I will continue to strive and improve and will take his brief critique to heart and find myself a good editor.

Six months ago I didn’t even think a developmental editor was necessary…and quite honestly I was scared shitless of them. I didn’t want to hear it. My writing was good enough. But now I’m actually kind of excited by them. I want someone who can drive headlong into my work and using their laser eyes come up from its depths full of fantastic insight. If developmental editors are good enough for Toni Morrison or Tom Robbins they’re good enough for me.

And hey, if you’re looking for a high caliber developmental editor, I know a guy…







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