Time to Breathe

I am not myself these days. Crazy, busy Becky has been replaced. My husband is confused as are the kids, who are wondering why I’m greeting them with homemade carrot cake when they come home. Who’s replaced our mom with this relaxed, happy woman?

It all started a week and a half ago when The War of the Words ended. This was an event I co-organized and had devoted months of my life to. There’d be no more running to the copy store, sending emails, calming people’s nerves. It was just me alone in the house, the kids at school and my current writing project on hold.

And so I bought a book. Not one about writing, or organizing or anything to get my head swirling, just a book about fun stuff that I’ve always wanted to know. So I sat on my porch and read it. The birds chirped, the breeze blew, and the palm trees swayed. Life was blissfully cliché.

Today I went to the beach and just watched the ocean waves roll in and out as I wistfully traced lines in the sand with my fingers, letting the little grains roll against my fingertips. I had nowhere to be, nothing to do and it was okay.

Honestly, I’ve been keeping a close eye on this one who’s occupying my head space, wondering when she will turn back into a whirling dervish.   But days have passed and she’s still here, smiling, humming to herself with plans to try cooking fish tacos and cornbread muffins for the family tonight.

I know mellow Becky won’t last forever. New projects will arise, marketing demands will return but in the meantime I’m just going to sit back, smile and enjoy the ocean waves.



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