What the Heck is Literary Fiction?

I’m at the point in writing my novel, where I’m starting to think, “Hmm…this is nice and all but is anybody going to read it other than my mom and her friends?”

“What exactly is this book?”  I ask. “Whose going to buy it?” and “What genre does it fall into?”

Yes, there’s a paranormal element to it and the center focus to the story is a romance (albeit a twisted, co-dependent one, but a romance all the same).

So paranormal romance? Makes sense, doesn’t it?

I say no way.

Why? you ask.

Because the story is not about vampires, psychics, witches or ghosts. In fact the paranormal element is just a tool for my characters exploring who they are as people.  And the romance?  That’s more about their twisted, misdirected, heated desires than two people discovering each others flesh. I’m guessing its not the nice, sassy set up romance readers expect.

So, I started surfing around.  I think I’ve found my genre.  Literary fiction. I know it sounds lofty, but it feels like what I’m writing: character driven,lyrical descriptions, and a message that looks deep into the human condition.

Okay…so now I have a pretty little label to slap on my book.  Time to get back to writing.

Here’s some good descriptions of literary fiction:





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