Some Notes on the Endless (Happy) Summer

I am tired.

More tired than I felt all spring, or in the fall, or the winter for that matter. What could it be?

My hypochondriac self worries in my head: a thyroid condition? clinical depression? The thoughts pass through my mind but I know it’s not anything a doctor can fix.

I’m just beat and I blame summer.

My kids are home, you see, and because of their presence my output is exceeding my input.

During the school year, with the kids away from 8-3, I work hard, but I also take time to chill. I write for hours, go out to lunch with friends, take breaks when I need them, but now…now I always have a kid in my ear. Someone is hungry, someone is bored, and someone else is making a mess.

Sure, right now my seven year old twins are happily entertaining themselves, playing games with the gerbil, but as I sit here typing away, my ear is out there, aware of how rough they are being with their pet, waiting with caution, listening for an impending fight.

BUT here’s the deal: I am tired, but I am also happy. There’s something wonderful about being in tune with your child’s day, hearing their giggles, being the recipient of their crazy works of art.


You know what? I’m too tired to finish this blog. Sorry. No snappy ending for you.

I’m just going to go sit on the couch and watch Bob’s Burgers and smile, reminding myself there’s only three more weeks until school starts again.


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