Reblog: My Thoughts About Marketing for Independent Authors

Tim’s a good writer. He’s also a good marketer–a winning combination. The one thing he forgot to add in his excellent post, that I’ve listed below, is the concept of perseverance. Tim has stuck with this writing business like nobody else I know. I on the other hand whine and moan about it. Perseverance has never been my thing.

Tim gets on my case–a lot. I think my resistance makes him a little nuts. But alas, we all are own our own paths. Tim’s on a pretty good one. Check this post out!



My friend Becky and I seem to have this running “discussion” about marketing our books. She recently shared her thoughts on the matter in this blog post, to which I added a brief comment.

Then I decided a more lengthy response was in order…so here we are.

My Thoughts About Marketing for Independent Authors

Step 1; Write the book

Seems pretty self-explanatory and definitely obvious so we won’t go into any detail about it, other than to say if you ever want sell a book, it’s the only place to start (plagiarism notwithstanding).

Step 2; Sell the book

This is where many authors drop the ball.

In fact, when I released my first novel, Living the Dream, way back in the day, I made the very mistake(s) I’m about to tell you to avoid – so pay attention, because I’m speaking from experience.

First, let’s start with some…

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