My Day on a Movie Set


For the writer, creativity lurks somewhere between one’s mind and the keyboard. Initially it is alive only within that secret space.  Unless the writer chooses to put it out there, it will stay alone in the bits and bytes of one’s computer.

This weekend I got to crawl out of my writer cave and be part of a totally different type of creativity: movie production. I was honored that in spite of my limited photography abilities, I had the opportunity to document the day long shoot.

Watching my friend and film director David Karner, a graduate of USC School of Cinema-Television, on the set made me appreciate the creative intensity of such a job.  Throughout the nine hour day David stayed focused, gently moving us all though the tasks at hand.

David and his cameraman worked closely, discussing angles and lighting. He also kept a close rapport with the actors, recognizing each of their own creative abilities.


At one point David sat down with actress Madison Cee and talked softly with her, preparing her gently for the scene ahead.



Poor Madison had to sit in a chair for a good three hours, pretending to sip her espresso, over and over and over as the camera caught her from different angles. Meanwhile actor, Zack Roundy had to be doused in (cold) coffee every few minutes to keep the rapidly drying stains looking fresh.


We filmed part of the show on a green screen roof set (which David and crew miraculously built himself the day before).


When we started out the Florida sun was bright. Our two snipers were in black trench coats, black pants and shirts. Actor Eric Jordan and Josh Doss stood on the “roof” for several hours crouching and rising over and over while executing their lines. David, managing many elements, had to also be acutely aware of his actor’s discomfort, but kept gently driving through.



For David and all artistic types, creativity builds in the brain, but unlike those of us in the “hidden” arts, that energy then oozes out on to the set, effecting everyone in its path: the hair designer, the makeup artist, the cameraman, the sound technician, the actors. Creativity spreads like tendrils reaching outward from the leader to the other players, who in turn execute their amazing skills.


Watching David and the entire crew of Spot On was like watching a living breathing entity, all the pieces, the individual talents working together to create a whole.

What an honor it was to be parts of something so fantastic!




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