Dancing on the Line…

My current book in progress, tentatively titled “Open Souls” is about a man and a woman whose lives collide (quite literally) when they discover an ancient box and open it on the streets of St. Augustine Florida. Like a modern day Pandora, when the box opens, chaos is released, forcing the characters to descend into their own versions of madness.

We all walk the line between chaos and control. As humans we thirst for order, familiar patterns, predictability, but too much control and we lose touch with our creative being, the one who lust for adventure, excitement, possibility.

Naturally we need to keep our demons in check, otherwise society would fall apart, but on the same token, if we’re too closed, we will miss the beauty, the sheer joy in being alive and connected to the world.

In Open Souls I try to maintain a sense of ambiguity. Is having the box open a good or bad thing? How much openess is too much? Being open for Brad and Olivia is a mixed bag, and it’s not until they embrace who they are, dark and light, that they are freed from the box’s spell.

Open Souls will be my sixth book (www.beckypourchot.com). I’ve written both memoir and fiction and I must say that fiction, though obviously untrue feels as familiar and real to me as writing a memoir.

Just like Brad and Olivia’s journey, my life—all of our lives— is full of ambiguity. It’s an adventure, a walk on you tip toes down a balance beam, dancing the line between black and white. I hope as the readers dive into Open Souls they will see their own truths hidden within it as well.

Target publishing date: March 2015

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