Ten Classic Novels I’ve Never Read

Oh, the books I haven’t read….
Moby Dick -turns out, it’s not erotica!
The Great Gatsby -My wonderful HS English program had us watch the movie instead
Lord of the Rings-my excuse was that the book’s font was too small
House of Mirth-with a word like “mirth” in your title, you’ve already got a problem.
Hamlet-I can dig a bit of exsitensialism as much as the next girl, but whiny angst-ful men just doesn’t do it for me


One of the first tenets in the writing world is to be well-read.

It’s one of those givens…in order to be a good writer you must read – a lot.

What should prospective writers read? you ask…

The accepted philosophy is anything and everything – whether it’s Gone With the Wind or the back of your cereal box.

Just read.

should be reading

Well…I have a confession to make, but before I bare my soul…I want to say that I do love to read. I read as much as I can (when I’m not writing) so I would like you to take that fact into consideration as you read on.

This is my confession (I feel like I should genuflect and cross myself or something)…

There are many great…no CLASSIC works of literature I have not read.

Sometimes when I’m with other writers I feel somewhat ashamed when the conversation turns to Dickens…

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