Guardian Angel Revisted


Recently I started a YouTube show called That’s SO Bizarre that recounts ordinary people’s true, bizarre stories. When I started the show I thought I’d receive ghost stories, maybe a few tales of precognition, but lately I’ve been getting a lot of angel stories too…stories from friends, who I know would not make this stuff up. Watch the videos here: That’s SO Bizarre

So, of course I began to wonder. Do I have a guardian angel? I don’t know for sure, but my sense is if I do, she’s not the one in charge. As far as I can tell the one running my show is a guardian imp.


That’s right, I’ve got a devilish, sly, little figure (I imagine green with pointy ears) who loves to throw crazy, inexplicable things my way and then revels in watching me squirm. However, as torturous and bizarre these life intrusions may be, I don’t think my imp exists to cause me pain.

In fact, I think it’s the opposite.

As a trickster Mr. Imp challenges me by tossing people and events my way that he knows are going to push me to the edge and make me better.

I swear sometimes I can hear him laughing in a raspy voice: “Deal with this one, sweetheart!”

Though I don’t think he’d admit it, I believe he’s not really mean at all, but a kindhearted imp, who hands me wonderful predicaments in order to push me to the next level. His sole job is to keep me on my toes and get me to move forward in life.

cute gremlin

So yeah, my imp is not some soft spoken woman in white. Nor is he gentle or kind, but instead he is a snickering fiend who revels in my discomfort with the secret hope of making me learn a thing or two.

Whether he’s real or not is irrelevant. I just know that each time I’m handed another dose of wonderful, torturous, weirdness I will smile and imagine the playful sound of my imp’s laughter echoing in my head.



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