Thoughts on Paris: Don’t Give in to the Hate


We all have a single choice…to live in love or fear.

This decision is one we make every moment of every day.  Do we cower in fear or do we choose to open our hearts to the world around us and let love in?

Those who did the horrific damage in Paris, who do the horrific damage all over the world…those who kill, hate, cower, have all lost touch with the light, they have given into their own fears, acted on their own dark impulses. BUT…and here’s the catch, because we are all connected, every soul bound to one and other, we are also connected to those who fear, hate, hide…the terrorist,the power obsessed politician, the shooter…we have their essence with in us.  Maybe you’re saying “no, not me” but I believe we have the potential to be as horrible or as marvelous as we choose.  As humans, children of God, we are both dark and light.

If you’re going to do one thing in response to the tragedies in Paris, make the choice to not run from your own truths, to not run from your connection to the people around you, to your connection to the world.  Don’t be afraid to let love be the dominating force in your life…not just in these weeks of mourning, but every day of your life.  And as much as you may resist this- I suggest making the choice to not hate the haters.  For as much as we deny it, in some ways we are them…we as connected beings hold their, pain, their fear, their anger within us.  We are all dark and light.

Pray, meditate, connect with the world, love all of humanity. Be the goodness that you really are.  That’s all we can do, is recognize the beauty, revel in our the simple humanness, celebrate this marvelous existence, even in the face of it’s pain.

Fear or love…it’s up to you.




One comment

  1. Becky, we are on the same page today. Sunday 11/15 /15. You expressed this beautifully. Happy today and yes I do have peace. I appreciate you. I don’t know exactly how the blog works but I want to post my rant for today. Two different writers but yet all the same.
    I saw a comment on fb today stating that “everyone is being played”. My thought! Yep, it appears it is the name of the game. It is a game we all learn how to play and in our primitive way of thinking the game will “make things better”. Does it? We search and search, but where are the answers. My take, and this is a simple answer, but it appears to me to be our challenge. Humans are still in the 2 yr old stage of life. Just a blip in time. Driven by our wonderful egos. The challenge is to acknowledge that and search for a way to rise above it. All of us have been given a unique gift. The secret is within each and everyone of us. We are made of the same thing the stars are made of. All in the Universe is positive and negative. So, it stand to reason that the secret is to realize we are the players and the other side of the secret is to realize we are capable of creating a learning process to counteract what we have learned and live the positive healthy life we long for.

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