Getting Old

A few weeks ago I posed the below question on facebook.  I got a lot of very interesting answers, but this one from my friend Sue was the most interesting…
I hear the phrase”getting old sucks” a lot lately. Seeing I am at my mid life…this idea fascinates me. What am I in for? Does life get significantly harder as one gets “old”? Or is there some beauty in it too?
Dear Becky Lou,  Thank you for asking me to participate.  I am 86 so I am sure I qualify as being old. Just a note about me. Fifty years ago I was lucky and I was hypnotized while at the dentist.  I was 36 yrs old.  At 40 I began to study hypnosis. It woke me up to my life.  So I learned how to heal my thoughts and my body and put things into perspective. Everyday I heal my body.  I do not take meds,  not even over the counter meds. I learned I make mistakes everyday. If I have the thought that life is hard I consider it a truth and then I go about putting my life into perspective. Positive and negative is something I embrace. I have been practicing my death ever since I learned the power of the subconscious mind. It rules. 
Sometimes we feel our days are so hard and we want to give up, but somehow we don’t. We each have our thoughts on this. I hear people say everything happens for a reason.  I don’t believe that. Every action has a reaction. I just think everything happens. I believe the way we respond makes the difference. These responses are learned and we can unlearn them.
I hear people say don’t be negative.  Why?  To me I am both positive and negative. I embrace negativity when it happens to the best of my ability because otherwise I would cause denial. Denial is not he best thing for my health.
I hear people say stay away from toxic people.  This one makes me laugh.  To me we are all toxic at one time or another.  We are in a learning stage all of the time. We can learn from everyone. Stay open minded. Know your limits as best you can.  To me knowing your limits at a given moment in time means forgive yourself for anthing you might have done or did do or should do.  Fogiveness allows me to move on and smile.
I feel so privileged to have lived this long and yes it is a tough thing to go through. 
As far as I know the  “unknown” is something I have encountered all my life so I don’t concern myself with death.  Nobody asked me—that I know of—-if I wanted to be born. 
There is a lot of beauty in growing old Becky. It is the same beauty you find through all of the changes we have in life.  Meeting you opened my eyes to something I thought I had down pat. You mentioned to me one day that I showed you the other side of love wasn’t so bad. Negativity is something we deal with every day. I showed you how to deal with the negativity. In return you showed me a very unencumbered way to embrace love. I thought I knew all about love but found unencumbered love is a very peaceful wonderful feeling.
As I look back on my life I realize I have had many lives in my years from 1929 until now 2016. To mention; a baby, small child, preteen, teenager, young adult, married, 4 children, divorced ,single, business person. Now I am in the throes of my last years and figuring this out as I go a long just as I did in all my other lives.
I think the real challenge is watching as I realize I am slowing down, losing my great hair and just not seeing the person I used to be. But, then I say all is well and I go to my next thing.  Now grant you my next thing may be sitting quiet for a day. All is well. 
This is love at its best.

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  1. Thank you Becky. I will copy and paste on my wall. Living room and bathroom because as life wains I need to be reminded of who I am. that I have lived and that is a blessing.

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